Take a Break from Life in the Fast Lane on Hanalkamanto Island

If there is one thing which can be said about life in the 21st Century it would be that life seems to go on around you at the speed of light. From the work that we do to the way we spend our leisure time, we are always ‘connected’ and for just a moment it would be nice to disconnect to get back to what really matters. That’s what you’ll find on Hanalkamanto Island and why it is quickly becoming a vacation sanctuary away from life in the fast lane. With only a total population of 37,583 English speaking residents on a small 24,090 km² island, you will be thrilled by a laidback lifestyle, unlike anything you’ve ever known.

The typical traveler to the island would be someone much like yourself. Although there are many things to see and do, it’s a lifestyle much more relaxed than what you are subjected to back home. Here the locals cater to tourists and the other main industry is fishing, so you can see that the pressure is off. You may find places to dance and enjoy a night out and about, but clubs are not the focus of this family-friendly island. People who vacation on the island are those who want to ‘get away from it all’, and here they can do just that.

Back home you probably never get to see the light of day because your days are spent cooped up in an office. If it’s sunshine and beaches you are looking for, this island in the Salantinylamba Sea is just where you want to be. Maybe you don’t really want to swim, snorkel, dive or surf. No worries! You can rent lounge chairs, with or without umbrellas, and many of the more popular beaches have tiki bars that sell an assortment of tropical drinks. Imagine that! Can you see yourself basking in sunlight while sipping on an islander cocktail? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The island boasts 10 amazingly service oriented hotels, seven B&Bs and, of course, there is that one hostel no self-respecting island could do without. Most of the hotels have a restaurant on site and many of those offer room service. If you would prefer, however, to have a better way to engage with others, perhaps a B&B or the hostel would be more to your liking. In any case, you will find the service superior and the locals more than willing to accommodate you in any way they can.

Speaking of the locals, these would be the Yamelkaniit People, who are native to the island. By nature, they are a friendly and welcoming culture. Since they speak English as the official language of the island, you will have no trouble communicating with them. Are you looking to try native cuisine or go to a local market for souvenirs to bring back home? Just ask a local where you can find the best local food or artisan gifts and they will eagerly point you in the right direction. Proud of their heritage to the end, you will find the locals some of the friendliest people on earth.